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Video Exclusive: Wines from South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

Video Exclusive: Wines from South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

Video Exclusive: Wines from South Coast Winery Resort & Spa celo4life


During our “A Holiday Evening in the Wine Cellar” event, Antoine Pin from the Parallel Winos joined me for a live review of a couple of wines from South Coast Winery for Legend Mag. Enjoy the video and below is information on the two wines we featured along with a link to where you can pick them up:

South Coast Winery 2007 Tempranillo

“Our 2007 Tempranillo was aged in a combination of new American and used French oak barrels that give the right amount of smoky oak tones to a wine that is noticeably swelling with cherry and blackberry fruit aromas.”

Tasting Notes:
Moderate oak intensity, rich berry aromas and balanced tannins underscores the wonderful fruit characters


Bronze Medal – Grand Harvest Awards
Bronze Medal – Los Angeles International

Vineyard Notes:
Carter Estate Vineyard

South Coast Winery 2006 Zinfandel (Cucamonga Valley)

Cucamonga Valley Zinfandel
Harvested from Jose Lopez Vineyards, August 2006

 “As a variety, the origins of Zinfandel are somewhat shrouded in mystery; its complete origin is unknown. What is known, however, is that Zinfandel is one of the first recognized varietals that is uniquely American. It quenched the thirst of Californios and old forty-niners alike, and over the years emerged as California’s native contribution to the international world of wine. Rich berry character, with layers of spice and chocolate frame this big red wine. A part of the old west and apart from the rest, Zinfandel is truly Eureka!”


Bronze Metal – Grand Harvest Awards
Silver Metal – San Fransisco Chronical

2009 Wine Competition Results:

Six (6) Silver Medals in San Francisco Wine Competition, Monterey Wine Competition, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Pacific Rim International Wine Competition, Riverside International Wine Competition and San Francisco International Wine Competition; Two (2) Bronze Medals in the West Coast Wine Competition and Los Angeles International Wine Competition

2008 Wine Competition Results:

Three (3) Silver Medals in San Diego Ntn’l Wine Competition, West Coast Wine Competition, and Critic’s Challenge; Three (3) Bronze Medals in Grand Harvest Awards, California State Fair Wine Competition, and Long Beach Grand Cru

Vineyard Notes:
Jose Lopez Vineyards – Rancho Cucamonga

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