Stems and Legs is a wine tasting series in the Seattle area that focuses on wines from the great state of Washington and around the world. The series consists of a variety of events from public and private wine tastings, wine tours, winemaker dinners, and more.  Alex Eagleton, creator of Stems and Legs, launched the wine tasting series in November 2009 in hopes to expose people to great wines while creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Alex Eagleton – Creator of Stems and Legs

Alex Eagleton

Alex Eagleton is the managing partner for Club Vibes in the Seattle Region and creator of the Stems and Legs wine tasting series. During the summer of 2005, Alex took a trip to Los Angeles to meet up with a friend and enjoy the great weather in the area. He was invited to Temecula, CA to experience his first ever wine tasting. After visiting 4 wineries, he was immediately hooked and wanted to learn more about wine. Over the next few years, he toured various wine regions in Washington and Oregon and built a nice collection of wine.

In November 2009, with the advice and guidance of various people, he launched Stems and Legs at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle. Although the series is very young, it has been attended by many people and has been well received.